I'm Dev! I'm in my early 30s with a useless master's degree and a very boring office job that leaves me lots of time to write (though I am still slow). If you want to know any more about me you have to stalk my twitter to figure it out.

I wanted to make a small website to compile the scraps of albeqiu that exist in canon and make a better attempt at a pretty masterlist than I do on my twitter. (Yes, the AO3 works page exists, but it's not very pretty.) This is my little genshin compilation site.

By default, please assume everything I post will be 18+/NSFW. Outside of asking minors to leave (please leave), I don't have any real rules about interactions (dni as the kids say) because I can't be bothered to worry about that stuff.

My favorite ships are albeqiu (of course), kaeluc, kazugorou, kaeqiu, and wetdog (childe/razor), but almost anything can push my buttons as long as I like how the dynamic is portrayed.

I don't care about character ages because they aren't real and I don't "read" age into anime/cartoon styles unless it's made very apparent, but I generally write my characters as adults. I will rarely post dead dove type content and avoid rting/posting anything that could be triggering without warnings, but I will occasionally dabble in darker stuff if I like the writing or the art is good.