Unless stated otherwise, assume all fics are explicit. Fics that are in a series or take place in the same au are grouped together and listed in chronological order for the setting.


Pinocchioidol au

Xingqiu, the lead singer and the main draw of Fatal Rain, is almost half Albedo's age. Which is why Albedo keeps his devotion to his new muse-slash-fantasy entirely to himself. Looking from afar is entirely harmless, and that's what he intends to do—until an invitation from Fatal Rain's label to draw for their new album arrives in his inbox and he finds himself across from Xingqiu at the meeting table.

Albedo's attempt to act unfazed by his idol's presence fails, but Xingqiu doesn't mind. By some twisted form of logic, Xingqiu decides Albedo's loyalty makes him a perfect and discrete outlet for Xingqiu's sexual frustrations.

He's right, of course--Albedo would never tell a soul. But secrecy doesn't constrain the feelings that develop between them.

Gentleman Guhua and The Kreideprinzgentleman guhua au

The best way for Xingqiu to get the information he needed, to get the access he needed, was to find some sort of job in Albedo's household. He'd done it before. He'd been a tutor, a butler, even a cook, and it had always worked.

There was only one problem this time: Master Albedo didn't hire men. The logical way forward, then, was a disguise that would get him past that particular hurdle.

The Alchemist's Bedchambergentleman guhua au

Though Albedo had given Xingqiu an open invitation to the master bedroom, he had never gone—and it was easy to justify the avoidance. Why would Albedo invite him to the very place he kept the stone, and why would Xingqiu walk into a room that would guarantee privacy for whatever Albedo wanted to do to him?

But Xingqiu was running out of places to look. All he could do was hope that breaking into the bedroom while Albedo was sleeping would make it easier to escape unbothered.

The Secret Repastgentleman guhua au

Albedo sends his staff away to spend an evening alone with a mysterious guest. But when he calls Xingqiu back to the mansion for help with dinner, Xingqiu realizes he's walked straight into a trap.

Payment Up Frontteyvat threesome travels (albedo/kaeya/xingqiu) au

After ruining a business deal for the Fatui, Xingqiu has been on the run for months. To help protect him, Xingqiu's parents hire Albedo and Kaeya to travel with him. But as the Fatui's influence returns to Liyue, Xingqiu's family cuts ties with Xingqiu to avoid their ire.

Xingqiu has no way to pay for Albedo and Kaeya's protection without his family's money. So he exchanges something else instead.

One After Anotherteyvat threesome travels (albedo/kaeya/xingqiu) au

Xingqiu knew it would happen eventually. Once Kaeya and Albedo grew bored of his mouth and hands, they'd want more.

Turnaboutteyvat threesome travels (albedo/kaeya/xingqiu) au

When Albedo and Kaeya suddenly stop bringing Xingqiu to bed with them, Xingqiu knows it's a ploy—a way to make him admit he enjoys what they do, by making him initiate, maybe even by making him beg—and he doesn't want to give in. His pride won't allow it. But after a few days of nothing, giving in starts to seem like the better choice.

Stealing a Momentteyvat threesome travels (albedo/kaeya/xingqiu) au

Albedo wants to have Xingqiu to himself for a night. It isn't something he thinks Kaeya would let him have easily—so instead of asking, he slips something in the other knight's drink before making his move.

Even if Xingqiu disapproves, he's too curious about what Albedo might be like alone to say no.

Sooner or Laterteyvat threesome travels (albedo/kaeya/xingqiu) au

Xingqiu doesn't know how much time he has left until the Knights of Favonius summon Albedo and Kaeya back to Mondstadt. Before that day comes, he wants to give Albedo a gift equal to the one he'd received. But when his shopping trip with Kaeya results in an encounter with Fatui for the first time in months, he's reminded that his future alone might mean more than the loss of Albedo and Kaeya's company.

How to Lose Your Guard in Thirty Days

Xingqiu can't seem to escape the body guard his parents hired to keep him from his adventures. His only option is to get the man fired. And what better way is there to do that than seduce him?

Ropes and Rafterscanon-compliant

Albedo blinked at Xingqiu once, then turned his attention to the book. His eyes widened only slightly at the first picture—a man, trapped on his back with his calves and thighs bound together—but his cheeks remained as pale as ever. As if it didn't matter at all how obscene the images were.

"I see," Albedo said, voice neutral as he flipped to another page. "You would like me to tie you up."

A Slip in Composurecanon-compliant; follows ropes and rafters

Albedo turned Xingqiu's hand until the inside of his arm was face-down, presenting the rope marks where they were at their brightest against the thin skin of his wrist. He pushed the folds of Xingqiu's ruffled undershirt further back, revealing several lighter bands around Xingqiu's forearm.

"I did not realize the markings would last so long," Albedo said, eyes fixed completely on Xingqiu.

Dream of Youcanon-compliant

For Albedo's birthday, Xingqiu decides to give himself—sleeping and entirely helpless—as a present.

Fontaine Lacecanon-compliant

When Xingqiu surprises Albedo with lingerie, Albedo insists on drawing him in it. Xingqiu can only stand that for so long before he insists they move on to the main event.


Red Nectar

Kaeya knows that when his childhood ends, the curse of Khaenri'ah would begin to take hold. His father had warned him of it before abandoning him at Dawn Winery. His father had also told him of the cure: eating the heart of someone whose family had defied the gods and won. Only the Ragnvindr bloodline could be traced unquestionably to such a history—which was why their home would become his. Kaeya would grow up in their fold as a son and brother, and by time the corruption began, they would trust him.

Taking one of their hearts would be simple. If Kaeya can manage to kill the only father whose face he remembers, or the brother whose body fascinates him in all the wrong ways, he'll survive. But love makes things complicated.

So Elegant, A Criminal

When Kaeya catches Diluc in a drunken game of knights and bandits, he takes advantage of the victory to tie Diluc up. Diluc quickly realizes how much he likes playing his brother's captive.

Old Habitsfollows so elegant, a criminal

The first time they'd slept together, they'd played with the idea that Diluc was unwilling. That night hardly compared to what they'd escalated to over the years, but it had eased them into a pattern that lasted for years.

So maybe it did make sense that Kaeya would approach him by sneaking into his window in the middle of the night. It was the only way he—and he guessed Kaeya, too—knew how to deal with the time they'd spent apart.

Eye on the Prizewritten for day 3 of kaeluc week (royal)

At the end of the Ludi Harpastum festival, Prince Diluc climbs to the top of Lord Barbatos' statue to toss the harpastum into the crowd. Whoever catches it will have him for the night.

When Kaeya gets the harpastum, Diluc thinks he's saved from having to sleep with the victor. But Kaeya has his own reasons for wanting to win.

If It Takes All Night

As tense as things had gotten, as many times as Diluc had imagined going limp and letting Kaeya have his way instead of fighting Kaeya's attempts to pin him during their spars, he never actually let Kaeya get what he wanted so easily.

But here? How much would he let Kaeya do to him before he said a word?



The war in Inazuma has dragged on for decades. General Gorou has led the resistance army through all of it. His post-battle restlessness has never gone away, but their newest recruit, Kaedehara Kazuha, offers him new forms of comfort.


Tomo's death had destroyed Kazuha and Gorou's relationship. Grief made it impossible to remake their life as three into a life as two, so Kazuha had left.

Now Kazuha has returned to Inazuma. He expected seeing Gorou to hurt—and it does—but he hadn't expected longing to outweigh it so quickly.

Meant for Thisjeanlisa

It's tradition that every newly promoted captain crossdress during their celebratory tavern crawl. When Lisa catches Jean in the male knight's uniform at the end of her evening, she makes sure Jean remembers her place in the bedroom.